Go here for the recording of Laura Berquist’s webinar: “Classical Education: Ordered Toward Eternal Life."

Laura Berquist is the founder of Mother of Divine Grace School and the author of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum and The Harp and the Laurel Wreath.  She spoke with us as part of the new MODG formation series: “Light of the Faith: Catholic Formation for Classical Educators.”  

In a recent article Laura says that "the formation of the soul must be the greatest work that can be done. A soul well-formed, and living according to that formation, will see God face to face. Nothing could be more important. All of us who are teachers have to constantly recall that this is the work we are engaged in, and all of us who are parents, and thus have the primary responsibility for the formation of our children, need to keep our eyes focused on God, and give ourselves to the work of leading our children to Him.”  

We hope you enjoy!