Laura offers a series of monthly parent classes on the different stages of formation, conducted over the internet. These classes are open to any parent, enrolled or not. Recordings on the stages of formation (Primary, Grammatical, Analytical and Rehtorical) in which Laura will review the methodological goals for the class, the texts used, and how to implement both the methodological and content goals will be made available to all enrolled families, and will be available for purchase to non-enrolled families. After listening to the recording, families may sign up for live classes on each stage of formation in which Laura will present case studies and work with families to implement the goals within each case study. Live classes will also feature an interactive Q&A. Handouts for the course are emailed to participants the week before the course. These materials are copyrighted, so please do not copy them for others. Check back later this summer for more information.

Laura's curriculum classes are recorded and available to listen to at your convenience. We HIGHLY recommend these courses designed to help parents understand the MODG methodology and course content. If you have students going into these grades, prepare for the coming year by familiarizing yourself with the courses. It will help you have a smoother year! These courses are available and can be purchased by non-enrolled families from modgbooks. Enrolled families receive these recordings for free as part of enrollment. This is copyrighted information, and upon purchase is for your personal use only.


  1. PreK - 2nd Grade - $30.00
  2. Grades 3 - 5 - $30.00
  3. Grade 6 - $30.00
  4. Grade 7 - $30.00
  5. Grade 8 - $30.00
  6. PreK - 8 purchased all together - $100.00
  7. Latin Overview (Margaret Hayden) - $30.00
  8. Math Overview - $30.00
  9. Advanced American Government: 2 Part Course - $35.00
  10. Religion (Grade 10) with James Berquist - Part I: Philosophical Concepts in our Catholic Doctrine Course; Part 2: Motives of Credibility; Part 3: Lying - $45.00

Laura's high school course overviews are available to all families, enrolled or not, and can be purchased from MODG's online bookstore modgbooks. Enrolled families receive a $10 discount, as noted below. These recordings have a companion text provided as a PDF. Upon enrollment in these courses, you will receive the prepared material, listed below, for the courses.


  1. Overview of History in High School - Recording and PDF - $20 for enrolled families / $30 regular
  2. Overview of Religion in High School - Recording and PDF - $20 for enrolled families / $30 regular
  3. Overview of Science in High School - Recording and PDF - $20 for enrolled families / $30 regular
  4. All three of the above overviews -Recordings and PDFs - $50 for enrolled families / $60 regular