Mother of Divine Grace School personnel have identified four main criteria, which all our students should accomplish by the time they leave the program. Accordingly, Mother of Divine Grace School has designated the following points as expected school-wide learning results for Mother of Divine Grace School:

By the time students leave Mother of Divine Grace School, they will be

Active Learners

Effective Communicators

Independent Thinkers

Multifaceted Individuals

Through interdisciplinary studies, core requirements, and elective credits Mother of Divine Grace School students develop an awareness of themselves as members of a universal, Catholic community.

“It is the ability to think that is our goal in a classical curriculum; we want our children to acquire the art of learning. It is not the number of facts they are acquainted with that measure the educational success, but what they are able to do with the facts: whether they are able to make distinctions, to follow an argument, to make reasonable deductions from the facts, and finally, to have the right judgment about the way things are.”