Mother of Divine Grace School students consistently test above the national average. The average SAT scores for MODG seniors are 50 points higher in Math (550+ compared to 500), 100+ points higher in Critical reading (600+ compared with 495), and 100 points higher in Writing (585 vs 485). Our students perform well on other standardized tests earning an average ACT score of 25 (with average subject scores ranging from 23 to 27).

Academic Scholarships

Mother of Divine Grace School's students have earned a variety of academic scholarships including the National Merit Scholarship. Many of our students have received partial or full tuition scholarships to the colleges of their choice. For many years now, each graduating class has been offered a collected total of over $7.5 million in scholarship monies.

More than half of our 2021 graduates were accepted into every school to which they applied. Another 10% were accepted into the majority of schools to which they applied.

National Latin Exam

Mother of Divine Grace encourages students to take Latin as early as 3rd Grade. Latin improves high order thinking skills and English language skills, and students who study Latin do significantly better on college prep tests like the SAT, ACT, and CLT. Our students excel in Latin. For almost a decade MODG students in 7th to 12th Grade took the NLE; each year over 350 students took the exam earning an impressive average of 200 awards! Of those, 25-50 earned gold medals and 30-50 earned silver medals. MODG is transitioning away from the NLE to a new Latin exam under development to continue to challenge our students to maintain their excellent Latin!

National Honor Society

Mother of Divine Grace School is pleased to be able to offer the Pope Leo XIII chapter of the National Honor Society to our wonderful families. Over two hundred of MODG 10th-12th Grade students are members of the Pope Leo XIII chapter. The National Honor Society is one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations for high school excellence in the country; many students who are selected as members continue to display it on their resumes for their entire careers. The purpose of the organization, as laid out in its constitution, is "to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools."

The Pope Leo XIII chapter of the National Honor Society is proud to present MODG with a tutoring program! Approximately 100 of our NHS members each year are tutors. All tutors are required to have a GPA of at least 3.85. This free tutoring program is for enrolled MODG students in grades 3-8, and covers the subjects of Latin and Grammar/Language. Our NHS tutors provide help to 20-30 students each week.

Student Forum

We want our students to have as much interaction as they need with their fellow students! In order to easily facilitate that, we have a Discourse forum set up for them to meet other students and have great discussions about important questions in their minds. This forum is moderated by a select team of office workers and student administrators. All enrolled students age 13 and over are able to join! Just go to to get started! (Please note that this link will only allow a student to create an account if they are logged into their own student account on the Family Site, and if his parents have granted them access to the forum by checking the box on the Student Logins page.) We currently have around 400 students participating in this forum. We look forward to having great discussions together!

If you have any questions, please contact

Art Contest

Each year nearly 200 of our students participate in MODG's Art Contest. Our talented students submit original artwork in a variety of media. Artwork from the contest is displayed throughout our news articles. All of the winning artwork is displayed here.