Benedictine College's First Homeschool Day

Megan Fassero's daughter, Julia, Class of 2017, was the Class Speaker for our first Graduation Ceremony


Hello Catholic homeschooling families!

Benedictine College is pleased to announce its first Homeschool Visit Day!  Join us Friday, November 10 for this group visit day, which has been designed to give homeschooling students and their families an experience of Benedictine College’s community, faith, and scholarship.  It is perfect for all high school grade levels.  Parents and siblings are welcome!

Special events on the day’s schedule include:

Note that Benedictine College is offering a $150 flight reimbursement to student Homeschool Visit Day visitors. Fly out to visit our campus, and we will cover up to $150 of a student’s ticket! 

For more details about the Homeschool Visit Day, and to register and to view the day’s schedule, please click here.

God bless,


P.S. – If November 10 does not work for you, we’d love to welcome you on one of our two remaining Raven Days of this semester:  November 17 and December 1.

Megan Fassero

Homeschool Outreach Coordinator, Office of Admissions

Benedictine College

P: 913-360-7735

C: 913-370-5301



St. Benedict, pray for us!