We are so proud of our students from the St. Monica Rocketry Club for their efforts in the 2018 NASA Student Launch!  MODG was one of their sponsors for the event, and you can see our logo on their rocket!  Team Captain Justin Daniels and Recovery Lead Ann Daniels are both MODG students.  Below are exerpts from their press release:

"Ridgefield’s St. Monica Rocketry Club recently travelled to NASA’s Marshal Space Center in Huntsville, AL to launch their scientific payload aboard an 8 foot tall, 23 pound, high powered rocket. St. Monica’s, which is comprised of 11 middle/high school students from Connecticut and New York, was one of 15 high school/middle school teams and 45 colleges/universities that participated in the 2018 NASA Student Launch. This has been a grueling effort over the last 8 months and with their launch. They worked together to build and test their rockets paying special care to safety in all areas. The project included technical reviews where they interfaced via web calls and video directly with NASA. They became the first team from Connecticut to complete the program. The team was awarded 3rd place for team spirit and tied for 2ndplace for Rocket Fair Display.

"The team captain is Justin Daniels, Airframe Lead is Natalie Turner and Recovery Lead is Ann Daniels – all from Ridgefield. The Payload Lead is Sean Wilder of Katonah, NY. Having completed all the requirements this year, the team is eligible to submit a proposal for the 2019 academic year. The team is very grateful for their sponsors...without whom this experience would not have been possible."

For more information and pictures, please check out the NASA press release and the St. Monica Rocketry Club website!



Pictured (left to right): Justin Daniels (Ridgefield, CT), John Anderson (Brewster, NY ), Joseph Shea (South Salem, NY), Malcom Seidman (Mt. Kisko, NY), Gus Kelley (Mt Kisko, NY), Sean Wilder (Katonah, NY), Ted Kelley (Mt Kisko, NY), Natalie Turner (Ridgefield, CT), Ryan Stutman (Newtown, CT), Giovanna Loizzo (Bethel, NY) and Ann Daniels (Ridgefield, NY). Photo by Jim Wilkerson.