This year, MODG experienced a 40% increase in enrolled families, and we continue to encounter more and more families that are looking for an authentically Catholic homeschool program in the classical tradition.

In an effort to assist homeschooling families who were not able to enroll in MODG this year, we started a Homeschool Support E-Newsletter which provides resources and encouragement to homeschooling families.

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Below are some of the resources that have been included in recent issues.

Here are three different ways you can start implementing a classical curriculum today:

1) Buy Laura Berquist’s book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum. Use it as a guide for choosing your own books and setting your own schedule.

2) Review the MODG Curriculum online. (Click on the syllabus link for each grade level you are teaching to see the curriculum book list.) Buy the books from our bookstore or other providers, and design your own plan and schedule.

3) Buy the MODG detailed daily Syllabus and Teacher Guide for each grade level you are teaching. Buy the books from our bookstore, and use the detailed syllabus (includes daily lesson plans, grading rubrics, and learning objectives for each subject) to create your schedule.

While every family has different needs and struggles, we would like to provide you with some general tips and guidelines for helping you structure your homeschool week.

Sample Weekly Homeschool Schedules

In the link above, we have sample weekly schedules for each grade. If you would like to use these schedules as a guide for your homeschool, print them as is, or copy the Google Sheet (or download as an excel doc) and edit the relevant schedules to fit your family’s approach.


Sample Daily Homeschool Schedule

Our sample schedule above will give you some ideas for how to balance tending to the needs of your small children and having one-on-one teaching time with older children. We hope this sample schedule will help you brainstorm and create a schedule that will best serve your own unique family.

Tips for Scheduling Your Day from Laura Berquist’s Article “Teaching Multiple Grade Levels Simultaneously"
We have organized Laura’s tips about daily organization into one list in the Google Doc linked below. Now you can easily copy the Google Doc, remove items that are not relevant to your family, and have a handy list to help you craft your own daily schedule.

Tips for Scheduling Your Day from Laura Berquist

We hope these resources encourage you on your homeschooling journey!

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