Dear MODG families,

The last day to register for Let's Go Learn Math and Reading tests is TOMORROW Friday, February 19th.

You can register by going to the Account tab on the Family Site and clicking the 'Standardized Tests' button. Registration will close at the end of our workday 2/19 (4pm PT) so that we have time to create student accounts and order tests.

Mother of Divine Grace School recommends that students take a standardized test each year. Regular testing provides insights into students' strengths and weaknesses, gives a benchmark for student progress each year, and helps prepare students for eventual college admissions tests. 

Families are encouraged to send in test results to the MODG office, regardless of where the student took the test; however, MODG does offer a few online different testing options each year as well.  

The Let's Go Learn Reading/Math Assessments are offered for grades K-12. While not a standardized test Let's Go Learn works with public schools, private schools, and home schools across the country to provide tests that measure achievement in reading and math (two separate tests, one per subject). The test is administered online with flexible time limits; it can also be taken in multiple sittings, as it is able to be paused. Families do not need to send in test results for tests taken through MODG, as scores for these are automatically available to the office.

Please contact the office at (805)646-5818 if you have any more questions.