Congratulations to the seven MODG students who placed within the top 5% of CLT 10 scorers in their geographic region in 2021!

Liesel Johnson
Thomas Lopez
Emily Lemaignen
Connor Lehman
Olivia Messa
Mikayla Pipes
Mary Puschmann

In addition, Olivia Messa was named a National Award Recipient, for she was one of the top fifty scorers across the country. Olivia shared that she has taken other college prep exams before, but was less nervous prior to the CLT 10, which is administered in one's own home. 

"I was in a comfortable environment and so I felt like I did better on the test," she said. "Being home took off a lot of the stress."

Olivia has also taken the SAT, and shared that though both tests have similar types of questions, the main difference lies in the types of reading passages given in the reading analysis sections. 

"The readings given in the CLT 10 were more similar to the types of readings I've done with MODG," she said. 

As a National Award Recipient, Olivia will receive a $2500 scholarship towards college living expenses. Congratulations! 

Enrolled MODG students can sign up for the 9/28 CLT 10  on the Family Site now!