Go here to watch the recording of Fr. Sebastian's webinar on St. Joseph and family life!

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that this year we will be continuing our webinar series  “Light of the Faith: Catholic Formation for Classical Educators.”  Go here to watch last year’s series.

Our goal with this program is to support our school’s mission to advance the Catholic and classical formation of our entire community.

Catholic home educators work hard. In order to fulfill the mission of educating  children in the faith, resources, support, guidance, and grace are all needed. Physical and financial resources allow parents to be at home with their children. To help with this, MODG has made Financial Aid available and hopes to do more in the future. New home educators need support and guidance from other experienced homeschooling parents. To help with this, MODG has a community of consultants who are there to turn to for help in the mission of educating your children. Most of all, though, we all need the grace which comes from prayer and the sacraments.  

We cannot do the difficult and important work God has entrusted to us without accessing His grace and forming ourselves to be receptive to His grace.  

That is why this year we have prepared a series of talks to help us all in our own personal prayer life and Catholic formation. 

Please consider setting aside time each month to join us in listening to our series of talks. All presentations are on Thursdays at 4 pm PT. They will be approximately 45 minutes with some time for questions afterwards. If you are unable to attend live, the talks will be recorded and made available afterwards. 

The first talk will by Fr. Sebastian Walshe on Thursday, September 23. Fr. Sebastian will speak with us about St. Joseph and family life.

We will have rest of the Light of the Faith talks on 10/28, 1/27, 2/24, 3/24, 4/28, and 5/26.

This year, please join me in engaging with these talks on prayer, Scripture, and family life. One can only give what one has; as we enhance our own personal life of prayer we will have more to pass on to our children.

Consider using these Thursday evenings to meet with other MODG families in your area, share a meal, listen to the talk, and discuss its fruits with each other. Through this commitment, we will enliven our own faith, strengthen our families and communities, and refocus our lives on Christ.

You are all in my prayers as you begin this new school year!

With love, 

Laura Berquist
Founder and CEO
Mother of Divine Grace School