We were so pleased to see so many of our families and members of the MODG community at the recent Meet & Greet Conference in Virginia! MODG office staff, consultants, teachers, current families, and prospective families all gathered to hear Laura Berquist speak on Catholic homeschooling as the hope of the future, as well as how MODG specifically implements a Catholic, Classical home education. 


“It was a blessing to converse with moms, both veterans and newbies, and to share our support and love,” shares MODG teacher Cecilia Tombelli, who was present along with consultants Kay Beers (who organized the event), Ann Monin, Michelle Reitemeyer, Hyeja Ganahl, Gina Jacoby, and Mary Bockrath. Two of them even drove all the way from Michigan!

Several members of the MODG office accompanied Laura to the conference, including President Paul Lazenby, Joel Bockrath (Chief Human Resources Officer), Paul Grimes (Director of Admissions), Christopher Sebastian (Director of Advancement), and Veronica Jost (Development Officer).

“[The conference] served as an excellent way to build community, hear each other’s stories, and reinforce our commitment to the mission that is Catholic, Classical, Home Education,” says Mr. Sebastian.

Mrs. Tombelli continues, “[it] was a special treat to hear Laura remind us of her husband's quote: 'One needs to acquire a method whereby deeper penetration of the truth is acquired.' It was a reminder that this classical, Catholic education is ordered to knowing the noblest and most perfect object of our intellect and will. MODG is an opportunity for us as teachers to develop the soul. The classical education MODG offers is about truth, outside of time.”


In between talks, attendees enjoyed small group breakout sessions to discuss some of the thoughts Laura had shared. 

“The conference was an opportunity to be inspired by truth and motivated by the principles of classical, Catholic homeschooling through fellowship and conversation with other like-minded families,” writes Mr. Grimes. 

We hope you will be able to join us at a future MODG Meet & Greet event! Stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations.