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In this two-part series Laura Berquist talks about the importance of family faith formation and what that looks like. She gives tips for modeling your faith with your children at home, such as going to daily Mass, praying a family Rosary and much more. Stay tuned to the end of part two for some reflection questions Laura recommends sharing with your family.

"I think this is an important concept for our children. What God has given us, in our natural and in our supernatural lives, is a gift from Him. We need to embrace our lives, with their particular circumstances, as a gift from Him given specifically and individually to each of us. Seeing that will help them embrace their faith.

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The Holy Family with the Lamb by Raphael (1483-1520) PD

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Family Faith Formation: Part 1

Family Faith Formation: Part 2    

We pray that these resources bless you and your family in this upcoming Advent and Christmas season. Please feel free to share them with a friend today!

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