Mother of Divine Grace School values its community and loves to hear about your homeschooling thoughts! We asked students, current and past, just what they love about homeschooling and MODG and here is what they said!

I like homeschooling because I get to stay home with my mom. My favorite subject is math. - Natalie, grade 2.

I like homeschooling because I get to be with my family and my gramma comes over every Monday to help with our school. I love how Mother of Divine Grace teaches spelling and phonics. - Olivia, grade 4.

I like that I can do school on my own time. - Ben, grade 7.   

10th-12th Grade - 2nd Place - Phantom and Her Foal, Misty.jpg
Phantom and Her Foal, Misty by Sarah P

I like homeschooling because I can get done with school faster. I don’t have to wait for the others to finish before moving on. I also like it because I love my mom and she’s very helpful. - Jacob, grade 6.

I get to take school at my own pace. If I went to a school, I wouldn’t be able to understand as much because I am a slower learner. Also, I have more free time. - Phoebe, grade 8. 

I like homeschooling because it teaches me about time management and self-discipline. I also am happy that I don’t have to deal with the social drama common in schools. Homeschooling also builds more of a family bond. If I went to school, that would be my life, and my family life would come second. With homeschooling, my family life needs to be a priority because we all have to learn how to get along. - Adelaide, grade 12

A few words from our MODG Graduates...

Homeschooling with MODG has been a very rewarding experience. It has made me a well-rounded critical thinker, in love with my family, my faith, my community, and my world. AnnMarie, 2017 MODG Graduate

10th-12th Grade - Honorable Mention - Blue Tit.jpg
 Blue Tit by Catherine H.

I really enjoyed my education at Mother of Divine Grace School. It has made me a better person and deepened my spiritual life. Brigid, 2019 MODG Graduate

Mother of Divine Grace School provided me with a well-rounded education that has blossomed into a strong Catholic faith, ability in STEM subjects, and the ability to think and analyze. Joseph, 2020 MODG Graduate

My experience at MODG has provided me with countless tools to help me through the next chapter of my life, namely, college. Furthermore, the MODG NHS has allowed me the opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow members of the MODG across the country. Zachery, 2020 MODG Graduate

MODG was a fantastic experience! It was a wonderful education that I feel prepared me well for my career. Through MODG I also made many incredible friendships with good, faith-filled people who lifted me up, supported me, and encouraged me to be the best person I can be. Serena, 2020 MODG Graduate

Thank you to all who shared their thoughts with us! Mother of Divine Grace is praying for each of you!