Today we are excited to share this featured article from Life Site News written by an MODG Parent, Paul Jonna. Paul shares why his family began homeschooling and recounts the blessings they have witnessed along the way. Paul speaks honestly about their journey and touches on some common misconceptions about homeschooling. Ultimately, he reminds us all that while homeschooling may not be for everyone, it is an option in today's world that must be considered.

"These are not normal times. Our youth are suffering from a serious and rapidly worsening mental health crisis. Times like these require thinking outside the box. We were convinced – and remain convinced – that homeschooling was the best option for our family given the limited options."- Paul Jonna

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"I attended some of the best schools and universities, and I achieved “success” in the narrow, academic and worldly sense – but not in the broader sense that matters to God, which is infinitely more important. Homeschooling offers a path that more parents should prayerfully discern: one that will allow your child to get into a great college or university (ideally one of the top ten on the Cardinal Newman Guide) with a much stronger spiritual and even intellectual foundation." - Paul Jonna

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