Mother of Divine Grace School's Learning Support Classes are online weekly classes that provide structure and interaction!

In LS classes, an MODG teacher leads discussions, presents materials, and helps students come to a better understanding on the topics. The student has an opportunity to discuss the material in the classes and ask questions. They also present a great opportunity for the students to get together with other students around the country to discuss common interests and develop friendships. Because of our small class sizes, it allows for teachers to pay attention to individual students in a group setting. 

They are meant to be a tool to assist the parent in teaching their children at home and provide extra support. 

Classes Offered:

-History & Lit
-Electives (Fine Arts, Health, Journalism/News Production, etc.)
-Enrichment Classes (Fine Arts for younger grades and Story Hour)

- More teaching time
- Accountability
- Structure
- Group discussion
- Camaraderie

At the end of each school year we conduct a school wide student survey, so we can receive constructive feedback from our students on what worked for them and what didn't! Take a look at some of the stats from the past few surveys:

2023studentsurveystats (4).png
2023studentsurveystats (6).png
2023studentsurveystats (7).png

Hear from fellow homeschooling families and why they love LS classes!  

Learning Support Registration opens next month! Reach out to us today to learn more about our processes.