School Feast Day ZOOM Cover 2024 (2).png

Hello Everyone,

Mark your calendars! The Feast of Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace is on Tuesday, July 23rd. As our patron saint and namesake, this day is quite special to us. We would love to celebrate and pray with you all in honor of Our Mother!

On Tuesday, July 23rd, MODG Staff will be praying a LIVE Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary at 9 AM PT on our YouTube channel. This very prayer is where our Beloved Founder, Laura Berquist, came up with our school name. Please invite a friend and come join us!

Register ahead of time here.

Please feel free to print this free PDF prayer card so you are able to follow along with us!

Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary PDF (1).png

Thank you for celebrating with us!