The November Light of the Faith episode was such a wonderful discussion! Kendra Tierney, MODG mom and Founder of Catholic All Year, joined us to talk about Living Liturgically. This was a fantastic topic to begin a new liturgical year & the Advent season with!

NOV23lotf (1).png

Kendra talked about her life’s vocation to embrace the liturgical year in every aspect of her daily life right at home with her ten children. Kendra also shared her favorite Advent preparations and traditions that she and her family have loved, such as meal routines, homemade decorations, and family reading. It can be hard to honor this season while the whole world is celebrating Christmas already. Kendra offers helpful tips and tricks for practicing patience with the kids and preparing our hearts for Christmas. This episode is the perfect opportunity to take some time to think about how you want to spend this upcoming season and how to experience fruitful living.

Over dinner, we have a conversation about the life of the saint or the bible event, and without too much advanced preparation, the whole family is getting to know more about the saints and the church history.

Kendra Tierney

We were honored to have Kendra speak to us this month and are so grateful for her encouraging words! Don’t forget to join us in January for our next episode. 

If you missed this episode live, be sure to watch it here!

God bless you and know that Mother of Divine Grace School is praying for you!