Mother of Divine Grace School loves to gather with our community. A few weeks ago, a MODG Consultant, Rachel Oleson, hosted a homeschooling workshop to spark new motivation for the 2023-2024 school year.

The evening was full of wonderful talks!

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Laura Berquist, Founder of MODG: Classical Education is Natural 

Cyndi Montanaro, MODG Mom: Organizing Your School Day 

Christopher Sebastian, Director of Advancement: Goals for Growth

Kim Lazenby, MODG Mom: Wonder: An Intrinsic Motivator

Here are a few comments from our staff about the event:

Paul Grimes, Director of Admissions, comments...

"I hope that everyone who attended sees more clearly the great good that homeschooling is for their children. I also hope they understand the importance of a well-organized schoolroom, measurable and achievable goals, and instilling a spirit of wonder for homeschooling joyfully."

Christopher Sebastian, Director of Advancement, said..

"It was so beautiful to see our local homeschool community gather today and tap into the joy that comes with a new school year! It was incredible to witness the energy and life these homeschool parents have."

Interested in hearing from Laura about classical education? Check out her article "Classical Education: Beginning in Wonder, Ending in Wisdom"! You can also listen to her on our Light of the Faith series - "Classical Education: Ordered Towards Eternal Life".

Thank you to all who joined us! We can't wait to see you again soon!