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Hello homeschooling families!

Laura Berquist, founder of MODG, offers parent classes to help support you in the education of your children. These classes are pre-recorded and available over the internet. They are open to families who are not enrolled with Mother of Divine Grace School, for a small fee.

In each of these courses Laura reviews the stages of formation (Primary for Kindergarten through 2nd grade, Grammatical for grades 3 – 5, Analytical for grades 6 -9, and Rhetorical for grades 10 – 12). Laura also goes over the methodological goals, the texts used, and how to implement the methodological and content goals for your child.

These classes are available to non-enrolled families for $20/class or 2 for $35.

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For teachers and parents, their first and immediate duty every day is the formation of the children committed to their care....

Laura Berquist