I am especially grateful for the online classes at MODG. They really
help you to have a better understanding of any subject. - Andrew, Grade 10 

This year has been difficult for me and my family, but I am grateful
to God for the strength He has given us to get through it and for using
this opportunity to knit our family closer together in hope. I am also grateful
for the unexpected friendship I have found in my senior year and
for the excellent teachers of Mother of Divine Grace. Finally, I am
grateful for the true, the good, and the beautiful, sometimes found in
surprising places, that connect me to my fellow Catholics and span di-
visions of time, temperament and culture. —Lucy, Grade 12

Theres a lot of things Im thankful for. First off, thank you Mods! You are all so awesome and Discourse
would be nothing without you guys. I’m thankful for my life, my faith, my health, my family, and
MODG. Im so blessed! Im also so thankful for my friends. You guys made (and are making) 8th grade AWESOME
for me!!! -Ana Lucia, Grade 8

I’m thankful for Mary and all the saints, especially St. Joseph, who are such powerful intercessors. -Ethan, Grade 9

10th-12th Grade - HM - Aspens in Summer.jpg
Alexis S, 10th-12th Grade, Aspens in Summer. Spring 2012 Art Contest.

I’m thankful for the wonderful Mother of Divine Grace community.
Everybody here is awesome and its amazing to make new, home-
schooling, Catholic friends. - Catherine, Grade 9

m thankful for my amazing teachers that I have had over my years
in MODG. I’m also thankful for the Tridentine Mass which has been a great out-
pouring of blessings to my community.
I’m thankful for all the friends Ive made through MODG -even those
with whom I have constant disagreements. You all are amazing people, 
and it has been a blessing to know you guys, even if we have heated arguments, which always seem to turn out fruitful in the end.
I’m thankful for food, because Im a constantly-hungry and growing
teenage boy.– Joseph, Grade 12

m thankful for vacuums! Theyre so helpful and they make your
house nice and clean for God!! - Thomas, Grade 9

I am so thankful for my friends this year. This year was a bit rough,
but they helped get through it and made it all the more better. I am also thankful for
the MODG community. Everyone is willing to pray for you and its
amazing to make new catholic, loving, fun, homeschooling friends. I am thankful for
my church community and youth group, they are uplifting and draw me
closer to God. Lastly, I am thankful for my siblings who give me endless love and joy. --Christina, Grade 9

I’m thankful for my books and apples. Adrie, Grade 7

I'm thankful for my house, siblings, and corn. Dave, Grade 3

4th-6th Grade - Honorable Mention - Winter Woods.jpg
Magnus N, 4th-6th Grade, Winter Woods. Spring 2021 Art Contest.

I'm thankful for being alive. Its a kind of weird sentiment, but theres
so many things Im able to do because God wants me to live, and
thats something Im really thankful for. Our world is a difficult one, but
Im doing my best to accept the challenges and crosses that come my
way. While its difficult, I know it will be fulfilling. :)-Kathleen, Grade 11

I’m thankful for having a catholic family that cares for me and helps
me to go to heaven. -Victoria, Grade 3

I’m thankful for having very good books to learn from because there are
children that dont have books and cant learn.- Ysabel, Grade 1

I’m thankful for being able to have a good catholic education where
I learn how to be a good catholic, and not only that but make AW-
SOME friends. Also, Im thankful for my wonderful catholic family that
helps me every day to be a better catholic! And Im thankful for all of
the sacrifices that my parents have made so that me and my sisters
can have a good Catholic education.- Blanca, Grade 8

There are many things I am thankful for, but I have to say that I am
thankful for all my friends, including those I have met on Discourse and in real life.
 I am also thankful for my whole family especially my parents who help me throughout all they can.- Grace, Grade 8

I am thankful for my puppy and everything God has given me.
-Emeline, Grade 4

I’m thankful for my family and friends, and also for the wonderful
school I go to! For all the friends Ive made at MODG and for the awe-
some teachers! -Ava Clare, Grade 11

I’m thankful for good family, friends and land. -Thomas, Grade 8

I am thankful for my family, my faiththe roof over my headmy wonderful education (shoutout to MODG!)friendsgood health, and after that I usually get stuck, but trust me when I say there is
so much more. - Ainsley, Grade 9

I am thankful for all of the amazing MODG teachers. Thank you! You
make it so much easier to make it through the school year. - Owen, Grade 9

I’m grateful for my family, for being able to live comfortably and
happily. Im also grateful for my friends, for my youth group and church. Im
thankful for the strength that God gives me every day and His protec-
tion. - Veronica, Grade 9

10th-12th Grade - 3rd Place - Trees Beside a Stream.jpg
Jonathan P, 10th-12th Grade, Trees Beside a Stream. Spring 2022 Art Contest.

I am especially thankful for a warm house during winter. Im also
thankful for my family and friends, money for my education, and
church. -Katy, Grade 8

I am grateful for my parents who have helped me grow in my Faith
and who have taught me many important lessons. I am grateful for my
sister who continually shows me all the beauty and joys in the world. I
am grateful for all my MODG friends, for their support, encourage-
ment, and criticisms. I am grateful for all the work, time, and devotion
from my teachers. Most importantly, I am grateful for priests. Without
them, I would never have the chance to attain heaven. Finally, I am
grateful to God for allowing difficulties in my life because without them,
I would never grow in virtue. -Haley, Grade 12

I am thankful for my family whom I always enjoy spending time with. My
bunnies who are the sweetest and always help me with relieving
stress. The teachers who have helped me understand everything I
have learned this year so far. All my friends whether in my chats, dms,
or in person thank you for always being so kind, funny, and entertain-
ing. There is so much to be thankful for. -Belen, Grade 11

I am thankful for my family and all of my siblings. My parents especially for bringing up all of us in a good Catholic household.
I am also thankful for all the MODG teachers, for being great at what
they do and working hard to make classes work online!
I am thankful for all of my wonderful MODG friends! There are really
wonderful people! Its always great to have wonderful conversations
with them. I am thankful for my dance teachers for spending their time to
teach us.
I am thankful for the Moderators for making sure this board stays
clean and Catholic!
Last of all I am thankful for what a great community MODG is. All the
people and teachers are wonderful souls. - Lucy, Grade 9

I am so thankful for my parents who have given me the opportunity of doing MODG. I couldnt imagine a better school with awesome teachers. <3
~ My friends that I have met on discourse and in classes. <3
~My family
~My cat, Sassy who always sits with me while I do school.
~My siblings
~All the good things that have come into my life.
Olivia, Grade 9

I am thankful for my baby sister! We thought my mom had a
miscarriage multiple times during her pregnancy but she made it
through. So, I thank God for our healthy little six-month-old! —Eliza, Grade 7

I’m super thankful for my family and how AMAZING they are. Im
also extremely thankful for my nephew who was born 3 weeks ago
and that I was able to see him so recently since they live out of state.
Im also thankful for all the friendships Ive made on the MODG community, as well as all of my local friends who are truly amazing. -Jane, Grade 8

I am thankful for my parents, who do so much for me. - Luke, Grade 9

I’m thankful for every blessing God has put in my life this year, from
random sweet messages from friends, to friends themselves.
I’m also thankful for every bad thing that happened to me in the past
year, since it helped me grow into the person I am today.
I am especially grateful for all of my MODG friends as they have been
such a blessing to me, even if I dont talk to them all that much and
cant see them in person.
And most of all Im thankful for the gift of life that God continues to
give me everyday. :)-Evelyn, Grade 10

I am so very thankful for all of my friends and family, and for
MODG, and all of my amazing teachers!!!- Cate, Grade 8

I’m thankful that I was born into a Catholic family! The Catholic
Faith is the greatest treasure of all! Im also thankful for my large fam-
ily, and that I am able to attend the TLM. Im also very thankful that I
am homeschooled, and that I can live in the country on a homestead.
Im thankful for the friends Ive made on Discourse, and for my friends
in real life.
Im very thankful for my sweet baby brother! He is the best baby
ever. (Ofc, everybody says that about their little brother, but hes really
one of a kind!) - Violet, Grade 8

7th-9th Grade - 2nd Place - Mountain Landscape.jpg
Samuel S, 7th-9th Grade, Mountain Landscape. Spring 2020 Art Contest.

I’m thankful for all of the MODG teachers, especially Mrs. Moira
Kuenstle! Im in her Faith & Morality, US History and American Lit.
classes, and she is just so special!! May God bless her! - Ari, Grade 9

I’m so, so thankful for my mother. Shes been though a lot, and I
can be really irritating to her almost every day, but she puts up with it.
I love her so, so , SO much and I dont know what Id do without her! -Allison, Grade 8

I’m thankful for all the Priests that have been in my life. Without
them, I probably wouldnt be where I am today. - Luke, Grade 10

I am thankful for my life, religion, teachers, family, and friends.
Without them, I wouldnt be anywhere. I also am thankful for making
so many lifelong friends in MODG, and for them being a great group in
general! Thank you!! - Colette, Grade 10

I am thankful for my mom! They are so underappreciated. She is always there to encourage me and help me believe in myself and in God's wonderful plan. I wouldnt be half the person I am without her and I wouldnt be
able to achieve half the things I do without her to help me. A mother is
a true gift from God, probably because He is such a wonderful one also. - Claire, Grade 11

I’m thankful for my MODG friends! They have made my MODG experience way better and
much more fun! Also, for my parents, they have made many sacrifices for me and my siblings and they dont get much credit for it! Another thing I'm grateful for is my siblings. They are great even when they get
on my nerves sometimes (XD). May God bless everyone! Have a
great Thanksgiving! -Isabel, Grade 8

I’m thankful for my great friends. They make MODG so much
fun. Im thankful for all my teachers (including my mom). Im very
thankful for the opportunity to be here at MODG, to swim, and to do
everything that I love. Happy Thanksgiving! - Juliana, Grade 8

m so thankful for so many things, but I am especially thankful for
my family, my friends, and my Catholic faith!!!- Marianne, Grade 12

I’m so thankful for my 11th grade history teacher Mrs. Donna Ayala!
She is super understanding, empathetic, and fun! Im also thankful for
my new friends I have made from the MODG discourse! You guys are
awesome! - Lilly, Grade 11

I’m thankful for my loving family that sacrifices so much for the
things I love to do! Im thankful that I live in a free country where I can
freely express my religious opinions. I am also thankful for my savior that died for me, a God that is loving and forgiving, my family being so fortunate, money to buy all the food we want, things we dont need, and gas
money to take me to all my extracurriculars- Allison, Grade 8

I am thankful for my wonderful home and family, especially my parents that work so hard for me and my siblings!  I am also thankful for my parents raising me in the Catholic faith.
I’m thankful for my friends on Discourse!  Yall are wonderful friends and great people!!! Im also very thankful for all the hard work the mods do!  Discourse wouldnt be the same without all of you! -Tessie, Grade 8

m thankful for food, sleep, my family and my friends, and all my teachers. - Julia, Grade 8

I’m thankful for my wonderful family who is always there for me!
I’m thankful for MODG and all the blessings it has given me!
I’m thankful for all my friends!
I’m thankful for my Catholic faith and the Latin Mass!
I’m thankful especially for my parents who have always been there to
help me, teach me, and raise me in the Catholic faith! - 
Rylie, Grade 8

m thankful firstly that Our Lord sacrificed Himself on the cross, for
the beauty of my Catholic faith, and for the opportunity to know God. Im thankful for my wonderful parents, and for everything they do for me and my siblings! Im thankful for my two siblings and the rest of my
family; and for all my teachers! Lastly, Im thankful for Mother of Divine
Grace School and the opportunity to be part of this community! -Maya, Grade 10

I’m thankful for everything God has given me; my Faith, my family,
my friends, my intellect and will, my education, and everything that I
have forgotten to name. Im thankful for the roles and tasks assigned
to me, as daughter and sister, worker, student, Discourse moderator,
NHS member, and strawberry-patch looker-after. Im thankful for the
grace that God gives me to accomplish these tasks well and the for-
giveness He lavishes upon me when I fail.
-Anastasia, Grade 11

I’m thankful for my faith!
I’m thankful that I was raised in a Catholic family with parents who fre-
quently take us to Mass and are teaching us and praying for us always!
I’m thankful that I can attend the TLM and for our priests who do so
much for us!
I’m thankful for MODG, the wonderful school and community that it is,
and for all the amazing MODG teachers!
I’m thankful for my family!!
-Natalie, Grade 11

I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and my school.
-Zelie, Grade 6

I’m thankful for my family! I’m thankful for my school!
-Emilie, Grade 3

I am so, SO grateful to know God and be able to have a friendship
with Him. These past few years, Ive realized and seen firsthand how
unhappy people are who dont live for God. Im also thankful for all the
priests who have helped me grow in my faith especially those who
have given me the sacraments. God is so incredibly good to His chil-
dren, and were so blessed! Finally, Im grateful for the family God has
given me in His great kindness. ~ Lizzy, Grade 11

I’m thankful for all the friends Ive made through MODG!
For all my teachers, my family, and of course all the good food my
family is going to eat on Thanksgiving :)Magdalene, Grade 10

There are so many things I am thankful for.
I’m thankful for God!
I’m thankful for my great family!
I’m thankful for my awesome friends, both in real life and on MODG!
I’m thankful for all the teachers at MODG!
I’m thankful for this school!
I’m thankful for all of the amazing mods that keep the MODG Discourse
forum up and running!
I’m thankful for music!
I’m thankful for my home!-Jude, Grade 10

m thankful that Im alive and for all that comes with that :) Im also
thankful for family, medicine, and saints. - Peter, Grade 6