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This year's Catholic Homeschool Conference “Rooted in Faith, Growing in Knowledge” is being held virtually on June 7th-June 8th!  See below for the schedule of events!

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We are delighted to be a part of this community once again!

This Conference is the largest gathering online for Catholic homeschool families and those considering it! Each year, they bring together some of the best voices in Catholic homeschooling to help you homeschool for holiness as well as give you the practical tools needed to be successful – all under the teaching of the Church. 

The Catholic Homeschool Conference is packed with inspirational, live & pre-recorded talks; practical, interactive workshops, engaging parent networking; and a bustling Exhibitor Hall (including us!).

Here are a few of the talk titles…

  • Homeschooling and the Domestic Church from Bishop Joseph Strickland
  • Qualifying the Called with Emily Brown 
  • Forward in Joy From Bonnie Landry

There will also be interactive workshops and Panel Discussions. Here is a sample…

  • Homeschool Graduate Panel 
  • Homeschooling Autistic Children with Margaret Walsh, Dr. Bert Pace, and Dr. Christina Bordeaux
  • The Vital Role of the Domestic Church with Devin Schadt
  • Homeschooling 101 with Jen Smarsh
  • Transcripts and Recordkeeping with Emily Crawford

Oh, and LOTS of pre-recorded talks that you can watch over the next year! 

  • Wolf Proofing Your Children: Homeschool Apologetics with Gary Michuta
  • Learning to Listen to Our Teens: How to Respect, Love, and Trust with Tami Kiser
  • Your Homeschool Doesn't Need to Mimic Public School with Phillip Campbell 
  • And 20+ more!

You will be joining other Catholic families just starting out as well as veteran homeschoolers sharing their vast experience.  

We'd love to have you visit our booth at this year's conference!

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