Mother of Divine Grace's curriculum aims to be set apart from the many schooling options available today. It is designed in the light of the classical principle that the goal of education is to teach children how to think, to help them learn the art of learning. 

Our curriculum has the flexibility to be personalized to each individual student. We are unique in that we have consultants that work with the parents to tailor the curriculum to help each child succeed at their own pace, while still meeting our academic standards and learning goals. Here's what our community thinks about our adaptable program:

"I love teaching my kids and I love the flexibility. There’s something to be said for learning for the sake of learning as opposed to learning for the exams." - MODG Parent

"One thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately from the moms with whom I work is their appreciation for having someone who can give encouragement regarding their children’s progress, help them stay on top of things and provide assistance in knowing what’s most important to focus on. A young mom today said she was amazed at how the curriculum addressed her daughter’s strengths in grade school. I think the personalized guidance is of huge benefit on top of the excellent curriculum and methodology." - Consultant

The Mother of Divine Grace curriculum is based on the four stages of learning, which provide students with material that corresponds to their natural intellectual development. Parents can be set at ease that at each grade level the curriculum focuses on the skills that are necessary for that stage. For example, the Grammatical Stage (3rd-5th Grade) concentrates on memory, observation, and patterns of language in each subject preparing the student for success in the following years. Read what a few MODG parents think about our methodology: 

"It's the only program that has matched the core curriculum with the child's natural stage of learning, [m]aking it a unique program which makes learning natural and enjoyable."

"It’s the most ordered program. There’s a reason for every assignment from Pre-K through high school. It’s so much better than picking and choosing as you go along. And yet, there’s still so much flexibility."

"To me far and above all of the concrete support is the extremely well-planned progression and methodological goals. All of the elementary school assignments are ordered not only to skills the students need now, but they prepare them for middle school and high school work. I have seen programs for good Catholic schools in my area...but MODG's progression is the best I've seen, and it has served my children and so many others well."

"MODG is superior in that the methodology is phenomenal. I'm still amazed 12 years in by how much thought and purpose has been woven into every single aspect. When it does not work or fit exactly for my children, I have the flexibility to modify the curriculum to fit their needs, with the guidance of my consultant to continue to pay attention to formation goals. With MODG, being able to modify and get the important stuff covered is such a gift."

Homeschooling is certainly a tremendous responsibility and requires sacrifice of the parents' time and resources, but it is also an incredible gift. Mother of Divine Grace School honors the parents' primary role as educators of their children and strives to be the support they need as they go through their homeschooling journey. 

If you have questions about enrolling with Mother of Divine Grace School, please reach out to us!