American Government & Economics Syllabus (ABeka) (© 2018) $20.00

We use American Government and Economics: Work & Prosperity by A Beka. The first half of the course is spent studying American Government. American Government and Economics: Work & Prosperity provides a clear account of the formation of our government, the parts of the Constitution, and the role of Federalism. The second half of the course is spent studying Economics. Economics: Work & Prosperity provides a clear account of the principles of Economics. ABeka also provides quizzes and texts to be used throughout the year, and answer keys for the quizzes and tests. We also include optional weekly essay topics to provide the student with writing practice. The American Government & Economics Syllabus has a day-by-day breakdown of this course along with paper topics, questions for discussion, and a variety of teaching resources including Twelfth Grade Subject Rubrics, Learning Objectives, and grading charts. This is a 1 year, 1 credit course.

Online versions of the MODG syllabi are provided to enrolled families free of charge. Paper copies of the syllabi are also available for purchase from the MODG office, with a 30% discount for enrolled families.