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We use the encyclical Casti Connubii supplemented with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This course provides the student with an excellent overview of the Catholic moral teaching on marriage, sexuality, and family life. We also provide the student with additional resource lists for chastity education and nutrition. The Health Syllabus has a day-by-day breakdown of this course along with paper topics, questions for discussion and a variety of teaching resources including Twelfth Grade Subject Rubrics, Learning Objectives, and grading charts. The syllabus also contains the complete text of Casti Connubii. This is a ½ year, ½ credit course.

Current Edition: © 2011.

Online versions of the MODG syllabi are provided to enrolled families free of charge. Paper copies of the syllabi are also available for purchase from the MODG office, with a 30% discount for enrolled families.

Book List

  • Essential 1
    • Text provided in the syllabus
    • Casti Connubii
      Pius XI
  • Supplemental - Required 1
    • Catechism of the Catholic Church
      Catholic Church
      United States Conference of Catholic Bishops — 920 Pages
      ISBN: 1574551108
  • Mentioned in the syllabus, but not assigned 23


Week 1

Day Assignment
1 Read Introduction and paragraphs 1-11 of Casti Connubii. It can be found in the back of this syllabus. (See Table of Contents.) Also read nos. 2030-2040 in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As you are reading the Catechism think about the following question: How and why are these sections of the Catechism pertinent to the discussion of Casti Connubii? When you discuss what you read today with your teacher, discuss this question as well. Also read and include in your discussion nos. 1602-1605 (also refer to nos. 355-373) in the Catechism. Note especially no. 1604. It shows the sanctity of marriage. How? (You can discuss this, too.)

Write out answers to the following questions for paragraphs 1-5 today, or discuss them with your teacher. (Note: The numbers given below correspond to paragraphs in the encyclical.)

  • 1. How did Christ dignify chaste wedlock?
  • 2. What two things must men do to obtain the fruits of the sacrament of matrimony?
  • 3a. Why does the pope see a need to speak to us about the sanctity of marriage at this time?
  • 3b. How do we know that the pope is teaching infallibly here?
  • 5a. What was the point of "Arcanum Divinae"?
  • 5b. Why can we not change the laws that strengthen marriage?

Write out answers to questions for paragraphs 6-11 today, or discuss them with your teacher.

  • 6. How is it true that a free act of the will is needed to constitute a marriage, but nevertheless marriage is independent of free will?
  • 7. What distinguishes marriage from the haphazard unions of men and from the union of animals?
  • 9. The will of God and man both are needed to constitute a true marriage. What comes from God? What comes from man?
  • 10. What is the law of marriage according to St. Augustine?
  • 11. How do we know that the child is the first and foremost blessing of marriage?
4 Research for Health paper; Chastity or Nutrition course work.