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Algebra II Syllabus (Saxon 2nd Edition) (17 Pages)...$10.00

We use Algebra 2 by John Saxon along with the accompanying Algebra 2 Test Booklet. Algebra 2 presents the principles of algebra in an orderly manner and reviews the concepts regularly. Saxon also provides solution manuals for the daily lessons, tests to be used throughout the year, and answer keys for the tests. The Algebra II Syllabus has a day-by-day breakdown of this course along with a variety of teaching resources including Eleventh Grade Subject Rubrics, Learning Objectives, and grading charts. This is a 1 year, 1 credit course.

Current Edition: © 2010.

Online versions of the MODG syllabi are provided to enrolled families free of charge. Paper copies of the syllabi are also available for purchase from the MODG office, with a 30% discount for enrolled families.

Book List

  • Essential 2
    • Algebra 2: An Incremental Development
      Saxon, John
      Saxon Publishers — 600 Pages
      ISBN: 1565771400
    • Algebra 2: An Incremental Development Homeschool Packet
      Saxon, John
      Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
      ISBN: 1600321178
  • Supplemental - Optional 5


Week 1

Day Assignment

Lesson A

Note: Please take a moment to review the resources attached to this syllabus (these are found on the Family site - Syllabi tab; please click on "Resources" at the far right for each syllabus title). The PDF files found here are taken from the printed copy of the corresponding syllabus, if there is one. Some resources are generic to the grade level or subject and others are specific to the particular course. Answer Keys or Assignment overviews for the syllabus, if applicable, are only found via the parent log-in; the student log-in may access all other syllabus resources. Some of these resources will be assigned or referenced within the syllabus assignments. Others are here for support.

2 Lesson B
3 Lesson 1
4 Lesson 2
5 Lesson 3 & take the first practice SAT