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Fourth Grade Teacher Planner (65 Pages)...$25.00

The Fourth Grade Teacher Planner is the perfect student supplement to the Fourth Grade Syllabus. It contains daily lesson plans for Religion, Mathematics, Language Arts, Spelling, Poetry, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Art and Music in an easy-to-read format addressed to the student. The assignments for each week are found on facing pages and are broken down by subject and day. There is a box for the student to check off for each subject, so that the parent can see at a glance how all subjects for the day or even the week are going. In addition, each week has a Notes section for every subject in order to track any changes to assignments, field trips, extra-curricular work, deadlines, weekly grades, etc. The Teacher Planners are not a substitute for the corresponding syllabus, however. They are an aid that lists the student’s work, without giving the detailed explanations or teaching resources found in the syllabi. The student will need to refer back to the syllabus on occasion for particular directions. Please Note: The Teacher Planner uses the standard texts found in the Mother of Divine Grace Syllabus. Where the syllabus offers a choice of texts, the Teacher Planner uses the text that most families in the Mother of Divine Grace program use (noted below in bold).

In Religion we use Bible History (Schuster) and study various lives of the saints. Your child also continues the memorization of Catholic doctrine, using the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism, No.1. In Mathematics we use Math 54 (Saxon) which uses the spiral approach to teaching mathematical concepts. In Language Arts we use Intermediate Language Lessons (Serl) which provides practice in punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and creative writing. The rules which your child learns in grammar will be reinforced by application to the history summaries which he will write during the year. In Spelling we use The Writing Road to Reading along with Starting a Spelling Notebook to continue the practice of spelling. In Poetry we continue to use The Harp and Laurel Wreath for selections of poetry to memorize. In Science we use Understanding God's World (A Beka) which is an easy-to-use science text that shows God's loving hand at work in His creation. In History we use Pioneers and Patriots (Furlong), Stories of Heroism: Exploration and Colonization (MODG) and The Evangelization of the New World to introduce your child to important facts about the colonization of the Americas and other events leading up to the Revolutionary War. We also provide the student with a list historical fiction to complement the study of history through literature. In Geography we use DK Workbooks: Geoegraphy, Fourth Grade which continues to teach your child how to read maps. In Latin we use Beginning Latin I to begin the formal study of Latin. In Art we use the Drawing Textbook (McIntyre) for drawing practice along with the Fourth Grade Art (MODG) for art appreciation. In Music we use Let's Learn Music, #3 (Hayes) along with classical music selections for music appreciation.

Current Edition: © 2019.

Online versions of the MODG syllabi are provided to enrolled families free of charge. Paper copies of the syllabi are also available for purchase from the MODG office, with a 30% discount for enrolled families.

Book List

  • Essential 5
    • Hardcover Blank Book for Student Retellings & Illustrations
      Ashley Productions
      Ashley Productions
    • Intermediate Language Lessons
      Serl, Emma
      Lost Classics Book Company — 339 Pages
      ISBN: 0965273571
    • Starting a Spelling Notebook: A Nuts and Bolts Guide to The Writing Road to Reading
      McAlister, Mari
      Mari McAlister — 40 Pages
    • The Harp and Laurel Wreath: Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum
      Berquist, Laura
      Ignatius Press — 500 Pages
      ISBN: 0898707161
    • The Writing Road to Reading
      Spalding, Romalda Bishop
      Collins Reference — 480 Pages
      ISBN: 0062083937
Fine Arts
  • Essential 3
    • Drawing Textbook
      McIntyre, Bruce
      Audio-Visual Drawing Program
    • Let's Learn Music #3
      Hayes School Publishing
    • Available Summer 2019
    • Fourth Grade Art
      Yanoschik, Elizabeth
      Mother of Divine Grace School
  • Supplemental - Required 5
    • Brandenburg Concertos
    • Canon in D
    • Christmas Concerto
    • Four Seasons
    • Water Music
  • Mentioned in the syllabus, but not assigned 1
Foreign Language
  • Essential 2
    • Beginning Latin I - Answer Key
      Hayden, Margaret
      Mother of Divine Grace School — 148 Pages
    • Beginning Latin I - Student Manual
      Hayden, Margaret
      Mother of Divine Grace School — 164 Pages
  • Supplemental - Optional 4
  • Essential 3
    • Math 5/4: Solutions Manual
      Saxon & Hake
      Saxon Publishers — 302 Pages
      ISBN: 1591413257
    • Math 5/4: Student Text
      Saxon & Hake
      Saxon Publishers — 656 Pages
      ISBN: 1591413176
    • Math 5/4: Tests and Worksheets
      Saxon & Hake
      Saxon Publishers — 296 Pages
      ISBN: 1591413214
  • Supplemental - Optional 1
  • Alternate text that can replace an essential or required supplemental text 1
  • Essential 3
    • Bible History
      Schuster, Ignatius D.D.
      TAN Books — 32 Pages
      ISBN: 0895550067
    • Hardcover Blank Book for Student Retellings & Illustrations
      Ashley Productions
      Ashley Productions
    • The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No. 1)
      Kelley, Bennet
      Catholic Book Publishing Corp — 192 Pages
      ISBN: 0899422411
  • Supplemental - Optional 1
  • Mentioned in the syllabus, but not assigned 9
  • Essential 1
    • Understanding God's World
      A Beka
      A Beka Books — 228 Pages
  • Supplemental - Optional 2
Social Studies
  • Essential 6
    • DK Workbooks: Geography, Fourth Grade
      Dk Workbooks
      Dk Children — 60 Pages
      ISBN: 1465444238
    • Our Pioneers and Patriots
      Furlong, Fr. Philip
      TAN Books — 505 Pages
      ISBN: 0895555921
    • Our Pioneers and Patriots Answer Key
      Furlong, Fr. Philip
      TAN Books — 94 Pages
      ISBN: 0895556065
    • States & Capitals Pocket Flash Cards
      Trend Enterprises
      Trend Enterprises
    • The Catholic Faith Comes to America
      Reninger, Illeen
      Seton Press
    • This text is out of print, if you can not find this at a reasonable price, the "The Catholic Faith Comes to the Americas" can be read as a substitute.
    • Evangelization of the New World
      Leek, James
      St. Paul's Publishing Company
      ISBN: 0912929022
  • Supplemental - Required 20
    • Colonial America: 18 Fun-to-Create Reproducible Models That Bring the Colonial Period to Life
      Wynne, Patricia J.
      Teaching Resources — 80 Pages
      ISBN: 0439160316
    • Columbus
      D'Aulaire, Edgar
      Beautiful Feet Books — 59 Pages
      ISBN: 0964380331
    • Cross Among the Tomahawks
      Lornask, Milton
      Hillside Education — 172 Pages
      ISBN: 0983180024
    • First Voyage to America: From the Log of the Santa Maria
      Columbus, Christopher
      Dover Publications — 96 Pages
      ISBN: 0486268446
    • George Washington
      D'Aulaire, Ingri & Edgar
      Beautiful Feet Books — 60 Pages
      ISBN: 0964380315
    • Growing Up in Viking Times
      Tweddle, Dominic
      Troll Communications
      ISBN: 0816727260
    • He Went With Magellan
      Louise Andrews Kent
      Mother of Divine Grace School — 159 Pages
    • He Went With Marco Polo
      Louise Andrews Kent
      Mother of Divine Grace School — 142 Pages
    • He Went With Vasco da Gama
      Louise Andrews Kent
      Mother of Divine Grace School — 185 Pages
    • If You Lived In Colonial Times
      McGovern, Ann
      Scholastic Books — 80 Pages
      ISBN: 059045160X
    • If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620
      McGovern, Ann
      Scholastic Books — 80 Pages
      ISBN: 0591451618
    • Justin Morgan Had a Horse
      Henry, Marguerite
      Aladdin — 176 Pages
      ISBN: 1416927859
    • Madeleine Takes Command
      Brill, Ethel C.
      Bethlehem Books — 204 Pages
      ISBN: 1883937175
    • Saint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus
      Mike McGrew
      Paulist Press — 32 Pages
    • Saint Isaac and the Indians
      Lornask, Milton
      Ignatius Press — 170 Pages
      ISBN: 0898703557
    • Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe
      Nobisso, Josephine
      Pauline Books & Media
      ISBN: 0819870641
    • The Matchlock Gun
      Edmond, Walter
      Puffin Books — 80 Pages
      ISBN: 0698116801
    • The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving
      McGovern, Ann
      Scholastic Books — 32 Pages
      ISBN: 0590461885
    • Who Were the Vikings
      Chisholm, Reid
      EDC — 32 Pages
      ISBN: 079450177X
    • Available Summer 2019
    • Stories of Heroism: Exploration and Colonization
      Mace, William & Pipes, Jessica
      Mother of Divine Grace School — 38 Pages
  • Supplemental - Optional 14