Adobe Connect Labs

Mother of Divine Grace offers additional math, science and language support for students through our Adobe Connect Labs. Students taking math, science and language classes in Learning Support may sign up for personalized tutoring sessions in an Adobe Connect classroom with an MODG teacher to review work and problems. Students taking math, science and language classes in Teacher Services may raise their course to Teacher Enhanced Directed-Lab in order to meet with the MODG teacher in an Adobe Connect classroom. We no longer offer Adobe Connect Labs outside of Learning Support/Teacher Services.

Meet Nathan S – Class of 2009

is a junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a major in Software Engineering and a minor in International Relations. He has been the choir director and pianist for the Catholic Student Union. Nathan is also on the Catholic Student Union Board and in the Pro-Life group. He participates in the Model United Nations and the Model Senate and recently received the highest award at the Model Senate competition playing the role of Senator Marco Rubio (in a competition against students from many universities). Nathan is a certified Scuba diving instructor and works part-time for two dive shops in Daytona Beach. He is also a TA for a computer class (Scientific Programming in C) at ERAU. He is in the process of building a 4 seat airplane – the Cozy Mark IV. Nathan received a National Merit Finalist award and $2500 National Merit Scholarship while in high school. He also received a Navy ROTC scholarship, but did not stay in the program due to a car accident injury. Nathan is an Eagle Scout.

Students can add Adobe Connect Labs on to a Learning Support course to get 24 meetings of 30 minutes in an Adobe classroom to review work and problems; in addition to the standard 1 or 2 weekly Learning Support classes (which include grading).

Math Labs support is available for the following texts:

Science Labs support is available for the following texts:

Note: These labs are not designed to assist the student with laboratory experiments assigned in the syllabus; rather they are meant to help students with particular concepts presented in the text.

Language Labs support is available for the following texts:

Elective Labs are available for the following courses:

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“We homeschool our children for a number of reasons, but among the most important is giving our children a solid, challenging curriculum where they can learn to think for themselves drawing on extensive knowledge base. Our children thrive in their environment of learning and MODG provides the tools necessary for this learning. We are able to adjust each subject with the help of our consultant to fit each of our children based on their level of knowledge, maturity, and learning style. Our children receive the best possible education because each of them pursues their academics building up their strong points and strengthening their weaknesses. MODG provides the support and resources necessary to achieve this. Of course, raising our children for the Kingdom is paramount in our mind. MODG helps keep our days centered on Christ by weaving our Catholic faith into our everyday learning. The curriculum is full of the good, true, and beautiful and all of this brings us back to our Father who loves us. Our children are living their faith; seeing firsthand how it is a part of everything they do.”