The Special Services Program is a supplement to our Teacher Review Program to help families who have children with special needs. Families who sign a special needs student up in our Special Services Program are paired with a knowledgeable consultant, familiar with their child's particular special needs and with access to MODG special services mentors, who will:

Parents are eligible for 8 hours of consultation time with their consultant; and as part of this time the consultant is also available to evaluate the student's work. If more than 8 hours of consultation time is needed, the family can pay for additional consultation time. Students in our Special Services Program are also eligible for various graduation options (see below).

Mother of Divine Grace School's consultants, special services mentors, and special services consultants are homeschooling mothers. They have broad experience working with children with special needs and have received extensive training in our methodology and the adaption of our curriculum and goals to the student, so that they can assist families in using our methodology with all students regardless of their special needs. Our consultants have worked with students with a variety of learning disabilities including ADD, ADHD, auditory processing, dysgraphia, dyslexia, neurological and learning processing, reading, speech, vision, writing and motor skills. They have worked with students with a variety of behavioral issues including anxiety, attachment disorder, bi-polar, depression, emotional disorder, extreme defiance, OCD, pervasive development disorder, scrupulousness, and social disorder. They have worked with a variety of students with aspergers, autism, down syndrome, and mild to severe intellectual disabilities, and sensory integration disorder. They have also helped students who have suffered abuse, alcohol and drugs related issues, allergies, disease (particularly cancer), divorced or single parent homes, dysfunction, physical impediments and stress. And they have worked with gifted students, particularly in the area of math.

Mother of Divine Grace School offers two levels of support in the Special Services Program:

Mother of Divine Grace School's consultants can help families with special needs students meet some local and state homeschooling requirements. Families should check with their consultant if they need further help.

Mother of Divine Grace School has the following three 'graduation' options available for students enrolled in our Special Services Program:

For more information on these options, families should discuss them with their consultant.

For more information on this program please see Special Services Questions & Answers and see the FAQ's. For information on our Special Services Fees, please see the Enrollment - Pricing Breakdown page.

“<p>I was drawn to MODG almost immediately. I read DYOCC way back when my oldest was in K and it just made sense. I loved the order and the beauty of the curriculum. I loved the seamless addition of poetry and fine arts in tiny kid-sized chunks, and I loved not having to come up with it all on my own.&nbsp;&nbsp;I can truly say that being enrolled has saved my life. I don’t know if I would have been able to continue homeschooling without the support of my consultant and the various TA and LS classes (especially during high school.) But most of all it has helped me remain confident and at peace with my decision to home school. Even when things are falling apart around me, I can pull &nbsp;back to the basics of the syllabus and know that my kids are getting a great education. It’s easy to homeschool when you have time to add in fun adventures and unit studies tailored to the kids interests. But some years you have a baby, or move, or a loved one dies or is sick and needs care. Sometimes getting through the day is a matter of taking up your cross and struggling to stay joyful. In times like these it’s an achievement to get anything done, one math lesson, one paper, one book read. If I didn’t have my consultant and the rock solid foundation of MODG I would despair and say it was too much. So, yes, being enrolled has helped. I know this isn’t everyone’s path. But I don’t regret a second of my time being enrolled with such a wonderful school.</p>”

Rachel S
homeschooling mother of seven, enrolled since 2006