Standardized Testing

Mother of Divine Grace School recommends that students take a standardized test each year. Families can order standardized tests from Seton Testing Services. Enrolled families can order select tests at a discount from MODG.

Most testing materials are rentals and students are given two-three weeks to take the test and return undamaged testing materials to the supplier. Please be aware that there are some test restrictions, states where some of these tests are unavailable. Keep this in mind when considering which tests to take or which company to use.

College Entrance Exams

Students in high school should plan on taking one or more of the college entrance exams. Note: High School students who are preparing to take the ACT or SAT should contact the college or colleges that they are interested in to ascertain which test they require.

The College Board's and the ACT's web-sites contains a wealth of information about how to register for these tests, practice testing materials, as well as information about colleges, college applications, financial aid and scholarships.

“Mother of Divine Grace has provided us with the necessary tools to tackle the all important task of preparing our children for college and more importantly, for life. Their accomplishments are a reflection of the wonderful job that the school does for families....My husband and I feel immensely blessed to have the privilege of being active participants in our children’s academic and spiritual growth, and feel totally confident in their ability to be positive influences in their world. We could not have done this without the help of Mother of Divine Grace School.”