Mother of Divine Grace School is focused on supporting the homeschooling family and parents as they educate their children in the home. We accomplish this with varying levels of support, from one-on-one teaching, to online classes and more.

Our mission is to help families provide their children with a truly Catholic, classical home education. Each enrolled family participates in the development of their child's education. We provide syllabi that have been carefully designed by our founder, veteran homeschooling mother, Laura Berquist. These are day-by-day lesson plans that provide clear instructions following the classical methodology for all subjects.

Even with this provided structure, we understand the need for flexibility. Our program is designed to fit the needs of each unique student. Upon enrollment, parents will receive personalized guidance in tailoring the program to each child. This includes:

- The ability to substitute texts when necessary

- Guidance in modifying assignments to meet the student where he is and help him develop skills appropriate to his learning stage

As an enrolled family, you will receive support through consultants who walk with you through your homeschooling adventure:

These experienced consultants have years of distance education experience and they know our program well. Each enrolled family receives three consultations per year (four for new families) in which a consultant will go over your children's educational plans and progress with you. In between meetings, consultants are available to answer questions or concerns as they arise. 

Some benefits the consultants offer include:

  • Helping the parent explore curriculum options tailored to each child's talents and needs
  • Offering guidance on the much-needed balance of structure and flexibility 
  • Helping the parent apply the classical method
  • Setting clear educational goals 

Hear from an MODG Parent just like you in this testimony video!

Consultants are passionate about their work and truly understand the desires of each family to provide their children with a truly Catholic, classical education. 

"I love being a consultant because of the amazing families. Each one is so unique. It's a privilege to journey with them. MODG has been such a blessing to our family that I want to return that favor as much as possible to others. It's also very humbling to be a consultant. Sometimes I feel so inept for the task, but I know I have an awesome team (my mentor, my basic program manager, and other consultants) to help in any task that I feel is a challenge. I really enjoy giving back some of the support that I am receiving and have received over the years from MODG."

"For me being a consultant is extremely rewarding. Being a part of my families’ homeschool journey is a privilege and an honor. I am humbled to share my own experiences and thoroughly enjoy planning for each individual child. I particularly enjoy helping those with struggling children as I have had children who struggle. Guiding a mum and showing her how her struggling child can achieve with MODG is really such an honor."

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year opens in March!

If you or a friend are interested in enrolling with Mother of Divine Grace School? Reach out to us today and we can help you through our enrollment process.