Learning Support registration opens next week on June 3rd!

Our Learning Support program is a great support tool for parents & students! It offers the opportunity for students to discuss material in classes, ask questions, and get together with other students around the country to discuss common interests and develop friendships. 

"The measure of success with Mother of Divine Grace isn't simply what you know, it's who you become. And more importantly - whose you become." -MODG Student

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We have several classes available! Click to read more about each course. 

Religion Classes

Math Classes

Language Classes 

Science Classes

History & Literature Classes 

Elective Classes

Enrichment Classes

MODG staff is available to help with any questions you may have!

Check out this Overview of our Learning Support & Teacher Services Programs! Our Learning Support Team (Principal, Michaela Berquist, Deputy Principal, Lucy Lyons and Cecilia Bockrath) answer some frequently asked questions for families!