Teacher Review

Enrollment in Mother of Divine Grace School

Enrollment in Mother of Divine Grace School consists of enrollment in the Teacher Review Program. Each enrolled family participates in the development of their child's education. The parent's participation in our program means that the curriculum will be tailored to each child's specific needs and will result in a plan of study that encourages that child to develop as an active learner, effective communicator, and independent thinker. Enrollment in Mother of Divine Grace School includes the following services:

Parent Support

Parents receive the support and guidance they need to homeschool well through an educational consultant. Consultants have years of distance education experience, and they know our program well. The consultant is able to provide parent support by:

For information on our Tuition and Fees, please see the Enrollment - Pricing Breakdown page. (Please Note: Books are purchased separately. Enrolled families receive free online versions of our syllabi as part of enrollment and can also purchase hard copies at a discount from our office.) For information on how to enroll in our Program, please see the Enrollment – Home page.