Virtual Open House

Our School

Our vocation is to help families fulfill a truly Catholic, Classical education in their own homes. We would love for you to join us!

Introduction to MODG

Mother of Divine Grace School supports parents in their mission to provide their children with a Catholic, classical home education. In this episode, Laura Berquist explains how the goal of the MODG program is to teach children how to think, and how everything studied in a classical curriculum prepares students for the ultimate study of Sacred Theology. "The child who can think well, who has a trained mind, will be able to give himself to the service of God and His Church."

A Day in the Life

Salt and Light Media featured Mother of Divine Grace in a recent episode. It is a great overview of our program. It is beautifully edited and shows a great 'day in the life' of a MODG homeschooling family. We have embedded that segment here with their permission.

Why Homeschool? Why MODG?

Hear from an enrolled parent and student about why they love MODG! For more videos from parents and consultants, see our full playlist here.

Our Learning Support Classes

MODG parent Vanessa from California shares why she loves our Learning Support Classes. For more from our teachers, consultants, and students, see our full playlist here.

“Mother of Divine Grace provided me with a classical education. My parents were extremely involved in my academics, and the teachers were always there if I needed extra guidance or assistance. I believe that Mother of Divine Grace thoroughly prepared me for my college career.”
“Here is a school that has a classical curriculum with living books....I can say that Mother of Divine Grace has had a truly Catholic intellectual formation and has instilled a love of learning and has given my children the tools to pursue that knowledge. It is a blessing to have Mother of Divine Grace School be so much a part of our education and spiritual journey.”
Sabrina P.
“So very thankful for MODG!!! They have helped me provide an authentically Catholic, academically excellent education for all of my children. They gave me the support I needed during all stages of parenting and helped me to tailor lessons and curriculum to meet each of their varying needs, from extra rigor to special services for children with special learning needs. I don't think I could have done it without my consultant and all the wonderful resources they provide.”
Yvette F.
“My favorite thing about MODG is the focus on the integration of faith and reason... a good and well-rounded education includes both, and MODG does a superb job of incorporating this for all grades. Thank you, MODG!”