What are the benefits of enrollment?

Each enrolled family participates in the development of their child's education. The parent's participation in our program means that the curriculum will be tailored to each child's specific needs and will result in a plan of study that encourages that child to develop as an active learner, effective communicator, and independent thinker.

Other benefits of enrollment include:

  • Assistance implementing a Catholic classical curriculum and adapting it to the specific student's needs and goals
  • Practical tips on general homeschooling questions, such as how much time to spend on school subjects, how to educate children in multiple grades effectively, etc.
  • Guidance in how to grade the student's daily work through our rubrics, learning objectives, and grading charts.
  • Grading and evaluation of quarterly student work.
  • Record keeping including semester report cards, health records (CA students), and transcripts that are maintained in our administrative offices. Our semester report cards and accredited transcripts are accepted at private and public schools nationwide. Our high school transcript is accepted at colleges throughout the United States.
  • College/Career counseling throughout high school including college recommendations, a personalized high school plan, test preparation, etc.
  • Private school perks including ID cards, HSLDA family discount, academic diplomas, work permits, community newsletter, and access to standardized testing.
  • Networking with other committed homeschooling parents through our list of enrolled families.
  • Access to our Special Services advisors when needed and to our Learning Support, Teacher Services and Special Services Programs.
  • Free online syllabi, optional hard copies of the syllabi, and a discount at our online bookstore.
  • Parent Support through an educational consultant

For more information, see our Teacher Review Program page.

What happens after submitting the enrollment application?

Once a family is accepted, they will receive a login to the Family Site where they can manage their students. Entrance assessments will be provided for students in Grades 1-12. These assessments are designed to help the family choose the best curriculum for each individual student. An educational consultant will reach out to the family to schedule a planning consultation to help prepare the curriculum for the upcoming school year and review the entrance assessments.

Is Mother of Divine Grace School accredited?

Yes, we are fully accredited. MODG's accreditation is through one of five major accrediting bodies in the United States, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is recognized internationally. To see current information, Mother of Divine Grace School can be searched in the official WASC Directory of Schools. (Search Mother of Divine Grace School, a private school in the city of Ojai.)

What qualifications do Learning Support/Teacher Services teachers have?

Methodology: All teachers are trained in the methodology of classical liberal education and are familiar with the methodological goals of Mother of Divine Grace School. Teachers complete ongoing training each year.

Familiarity: MODG teachers are selected based on their knowledge of material, their understanding of the methodology, their ability to work with students and guide them through the stages of learning, and their capability to engage with the discussion method.

Experience: Teachers have experience teaching in a variety of settings. Some MODG teachers have experience teaching in traditional classroom settings; others have personally tutored children in various academic courses. Many teachers are former MODG students, educated in the MODG curriculum, or have educated their own children in MODG.

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