Published High School Syllabi

For PK-8th Grade MODG sells a single bound syllabus for each grade level. These grade level syllabi contain daily lesson plans for all of the subjects typically completed at that grade. In some cases we have more than one lesson plan for a particular course allowing parents to choose between two appropriate texts. In high school, however, while we do have a standard recommended progression of courses we sell separate syllabus for each subject. This gives the parent and student greater flexibility in crafting the appropriate collect of syllabi for the student for each grade level. Our high school syllabi often contain many additional support resources. Most of our enrolled high school students opt to use the online syllabi, especially as our Learning Support courses, taken by 70% of our high school students, have online syllabi and support resources.

Visit our Graduation Requirements for more information about our high school graduation requirements and our Suggested Course of Study for High School. Check out our Learning Support course list for more information about the many rigorous courses we offer to enrolled students.

Here is a collection of our published high school syllabi, grouped according to our standard recommended progression of courses:

“The doors of the storehouse of knowledge should now be thrown open for them to browse about as they will. The things once learned by rote will be seen in new contexts; the things once coldly analyzed can now be brought together to form a new synthesis; here and there a sudden insight will bring about that most exciting of all discoveries: the realization that a truism is true.... Any child who already shows a disposition to specialize should be given his head; for, when the use of the tools has been well and truly learned, it is available for any study whatever.”