Pricing Breakdown

Below we have provided a breakdown of the fees for enrollment in Mother of Divine Grace School for the 2024-2025 year. We have listed the Basic Program fees and the Special Services Program fees. Scroll down for more information on Learning Support, Lab support, Teacher Services, and our refund policy.

Teacher Review Program - Our Basic Enrollment Program

Tuition Fee: Our Tuition (Enrollment) fees are per family. The family tuition fee is based on the highest grade level of your enrolled student(s).
  • Pre-K: $368 ($468 for new families)
  • K–2: $474 ($574 for new families)
  • 3–5: $788 ($888 for new families)
  • 6–7: $1104 ($1204 for new families)
  • 8–12: $1524 ($1624 for new families)
Registration Fee: $100 (per family); $150 on/after July 1st.

Tuition can be paid in full upon enrollment ($100/$150 Registration fee is waived!)

Tuition can be paid in four quarterly payments:

  • $100 (or $150) registration + first quarter due at enrollment
  • 2nd quarter due on September 1st
  • 3rd quarter due on December 1st
  • 4th quarter due on March 1st

Tuition can be paid in 10 monthly payments if you enroll before July:

  • $100 registration + first tenth due at enrollment
  • remaining nine installments due on or after the 1st of each month from July to March

OR Tuition can be paid in 8 monthly payments if you enroll after July:

  • $150 registration + first eighth due at enrollment
  • remaining seven installments due on or after the 1st of each month from September to March

Financial Aid is available to enrolled families. Please contact our office to apply for Financial Aid after your application for enrollment has been submitted.

Transcript Evaluation Fee: $50 (per new 10th - 12th Grade students)
(Applicable for each year of high school completed outside of Mother of Divine Grace School.)

Special Services Program

Special Services: Grades Pre-K–5: No fee/Grades 6–12: $35

Signing up in the Basic Level will provide additional added resources and job aids for your student. It also provides access to additional levels of support:

Special Services Planning Consultation: (available April through August): $150

Mom meets with the consultant and the Special Service consultant in a consultation in order to develop a complete educational plan for the student. The Special Service consultant is able to provide a detailed report for the student for the year.

Special Services Additional Consultation: $100

This plan is perfect for the mom who does not need an entirely specialized educational plan for her child but instead needs to modify the current plan. The Special Service consultant will meet with the family consultant to look over the existing educational plan, make recommendations for modifications, as well as provide additional resources. These will be discussed with the parents in a consultation dedicated to the SS student. There is no written report at this level.

Your consultant can provide more information on the additional levels of service and can help determine the best course of action for your child.

Learning Support Classes

Learning Support Classes are available to students in 2nd-12th Grade who are enrolled in the Teacher Review Program.

Grade School Enrichment Class Middle School Enrichment Class Learning Support with online quizzes Learning Support with full grading Rigor Courses
$178 per year $196 per year $356 per year $572 per year $630 per year

We offer classes in History, Language, Math, Religion, and Science. We also offer some Elective and Enrichment classes.


Labs are offered as additional one-on-one support for most Learning Support math, science and language classes. Students who are taking the corresponding Learning Support class may sign up for 24 personalized 1/2 hour sessions in zoom with an MODG teacher to review work and problems ($412 per year). Teacher Services students taking math, science and language courses meet in a zoom room when they take the course at the Enhanced Directed-Lab level.

See Programs - Additional Support for a list of Labs offered.

Teacher Services

Teacher Services is only available to students in 3rd-12th Grade who are enrolled in the Teacher Review Program.

  Middle School Courses (6-8) High School Courses (9-12)
Grading Only
(questions by email)
$170 per year $170-$196 per year
(monthly meetings)
$232 per year $240-$290 per year
(twice monthly meetings)
$360 per year $382-$430 per year
(twice monthly meetings)
$522 per year $522 per year
Enhanced Directed
(weekly meetings)*
$452 per year $478-$522 per year
Enhanced Directed-Lab
(weekly meetings)**
$796 per year $796 per year

We currently offer courses in Foreign Language, Grammar, History, Math, Religion, and Science. Teacher and student meet by phone or in zoom. *Religion, history, literature and writing-based science courses are offered at the Assisted, Directed or Enhanced Directed levels, while **math, Grammar, Latin and math-based science courses are offered as Grading Only, Directed or Enhanced Directed-Lab (which provides for a longer weekly meeting).

Refund Policy

Registration Fees, Transcript Evaluation Fees, and Special Services Fees are non-refundable. Depending on when a family withdraws from Mother of Divine Grace School, certain portions of tuition are non-refundable. Please click the link for our full refund policy.

Refund Policy